Long silent

Oh dear, I have not been blogging for almost 5 months!! That’s is a long long period!! What am I doing for the past few months? Until no time to update my blog??

Well, I just back from Taipei trip with my dear hubby. I am so happy we managed to make up the trip. Thanks to my MIL who willing to take care my kids while we are away. I truly appreciate it!!

Europe or Taiwan??

I am in dilemma now. Both places I want to go, but I know I cannot go for both places at the same time. I must choose one.

Which one to let go? Europe? Taiwan?

Not many chances DH can go Europe, but Taiwan he can go yearly if the project is smooth. Maybe I should opt for Europe….. maybe….

Flip flops

I only wear heel shoe to office, other than office hour, I will wear sandal or flip flop to walk around. Wearing high heel for 8 hours already torture me, that’s I will not wear it again after office hour.

I love to wear sandal during shopping time, it is so comfy, especially when I need to carry my small kid. My hubby even commented I may buy wholesale flip flops one day since I love this kind of shoes very much! LOL


8 March 2014

A very big incident happened in my beloved country – our aircraft MH370 went missing after 2 hour depart from KLIA.

Today already 5th day, yet the rescue and search team still unable to locate where is the aircraft. Hey, it is 770 Boeing aircraft, such a big object, how can we are still fail to find you!

My heart is pain and my tears keep rolling down after knowing the incident. What will I do if my beloved family members are in the plane? I don’t know, I really no idea how to continue if this happened to me.

I still continue praying for MH370, please come back safely!!

Website builder

If you need to create a personal website for yourself, you can actually do it yourself, instead of hire professional to do it. Those professional will quote you a very high price too. Well, if you don’t know anything about IT, then you have to outsource and look for professional to do it for you. Alternatively you can look for IM creator.

IM Creator is a simple way to create your website. You only need to choose a design, insert your content and then publish it to the world. Many user commented that it is a simple and free website builder, you may try it out yourself.

CNY 2014


今年我要好好利用我的时间,做我自己想做的事。 尤其是车我自己想车的衣服。呵呵。。。然后添加一些我的上班衣服。。。

Chinese New Year 2014

Yeah, Chinese New Year is approaching, my girls are so exciting over this festive. They keep asking me can they invite their friends come over our house. I say of course can!

I can’t wait for this festive to come too, I want to go back my mom house and eat her home cooked food!!


Today my dear hubby make my day again.

He Whatsapps me : Next year where you want to go?

I am a bit surprise when read his short message just now. I read again and again. Hey, he is asking ahead when is our next travel destination.

Wow, I am so happy….I shall start planing when I have the time later….